Muay Thai & Boxing


Developed over hundreds of years, the ancient martial art of Muay Thai is known for its tremendous power, maximum efficiency, and raw simplicity. Often referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs”, The martial art utilizes a beautiful symphony of kicks, punches, knees, and elbows with fluidity and grace.

Muay Thai is now one of the most well-known and practiced martial arts in the world. It has proven to be effective, which is why it is most common striking base in the vastly popular, fast-growing sport of mixed martial arts.

Muay Thai is by far the most effective striking art in the world and has a lot of history. It has been tested in competition and real-life situations for hundreds of years, refining the art to be as fast, efficient, and powerful as it can be. On top of that, its consistent testing in combat between highly skilled practitioners has developed every aspect of the art to an extremely high level.

So if you’re looking for a martial art that has practical uses in the real world, then Muay Thai is your answer.

muay thai pad works

Muay Thai is a martial art and combat sport unlike any other. The art incorporates the use of knees, elbows, shins, and hands. This allows the practitioner to use all the weapons available to the human body in kicking range, punching range, and the clinch, making it effective in all ranges of standup fighting unlike most other striking based martial arts.

While there are hundreds of different techniques, it is also a martial art known for its raw simplicity. That’s why the sport is for everyone: men, women and children alike. In Thailand, it is actually more common for practitioners to start as young as five or six years old. So no matter your age or fitness level, there’s a  class that will work for you. 

Muay Thai is also one of the few martial arts in the world that has been undeniably battle-tested and street certified for real-life encounters. Although widely regarded as a striking based martial art, it also contains throwing techniques, locks, the using of an opponent’s own momentum, and even submissions.

Muay Thai kick practice

The martial art is specifically designed to promote the level of fitness and toughness required for ring competition even for recreational practitioners. With running, jumping rope and shadowboxing it provides an aerobic workout to prepare you for more intense workouts. It also builds great anaerobic endurance with exercises like punching and kicking on the pads or bags, and clinching to work your body to its limits.

This makes Muay Thai, not just a perfect martial art, but also a very effective form of exercise. With continued training, the sport will vastly improve your strength, dexterity, and cardiovascular performance.

Nothing spells perfect more than a martial art with the ability to help you burn 1,000 calories an hour. Muay Thai is the standard of a perfect total body workout. It is a fun and efficient way to burn fat and lose weight that also builds your core, flexibility, and overall strength. The full-body workout gives you can take your health to the next level.

The art of Muay Thai toughens your mind, body, and spirit. As the late great Grandmaster Kru Yodtong Senanan once said, “Muay Thai is good for your confidence and inner strength.” On top of enhancing your physical conditioning, it builds confidence and promotes discipline of the mind through the control of emotions and feelings.

As the most effective striking martial art in the world, it is no wonder why Muay Thai has become one of the key foundations of the vastly popular, fast-growing sport of mixed martial arts (MMA). Some of MMA’s greatest fighters and champions use the art as their main striking base. The vast range of techniques allows an MMA fighter to have many tools to use during a fight. 

Class Descriptions


Muay Thai kick boxers are some of the best conditioned athletes in the world. This fun, high-paced class will kick your butt into shape – at your pace! With modified drills and exercises (and breaks!) for beginners just getting back into shape, we adapt the class to you so you push at just the right level.

Muay Thai is known as one of the best ways to get in shape quickly. These fun, high-paced classes will boost your mood and kick your butt! Amazing before, after Technique classes – or even on their own – Conditioning classes will get you into great shape quickly.

MUAY THAI DRILLS ( Formerly Muay Thai Fundamentals ) 

Learn fundamental stance, footwork and movement for both defending yourself hitting back! Build incredible confidence while learning to properly punch, kick, elbow, knee and clinch. Few things relieve as much stress as coming to class and hitting the pads in our friendly, fun environment. While Muay Thai is an incredibly effective – even dangerous – martial art, The Martial Arts Centres in Ottawa is one of the safest places to train in it. With proper warm-ups and cool downs, these Thai kickboxing classes only have you hitting pads – so you’ll never get hit if you don’t want to.

Muay Thai Sparring 

For those looking to develop skill defending themselves against realistic aggression, The Martial arts Centres Sparring Drills class will get you comfortable hitting and being hit – safely! Sparring Drills are the safe way to get ready for full sparring, without the intimidation of jumping into the deep-end. We use these drill classes to get you ready to spar – once you have your fundamentals and combinations down, you will be invited to join the other advanced students in full sparring.